Custom And Unique Sewing Projects


While I concentrate most of my sewing in the areas of embroidery and quilting, I like the challenge of unique sewing projects. The pictures on this page are just a few from the 6 pieces I created for a family that I have befriended. My friend, Nancy, brought me a box of scarves that originally belonged to her mother. There were expensive, inexpensive and all sorts of in-between scarves. Nancy wanted me to produce 6 "somethings" that she could pass along to her mothers grandchildren. There were literally a hundred scarves. I took the project to my friends and together we decided that the Mariners compass would allow many of the scarves to be used while creating something unique. The "somethings" are actually pillow coverings. The back side of each is a single 18" scarf.


If you have a unique custom sewing project, allow me to work with you.