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Stitches by Lou Ann is a unique sewing business specializing in a variety of custom sewing areas. My sewing studio is equipped with sewing machines, embroidery machines, sergers and a Gammill longarm machine equipped with a Statler Stitcher for computer guided quilting. If you have a unique sewing need, I have a sewing machine to fulfill that desire. I am willing to consider most sewing projects but prefer to focus on embroidery and digitizing, collectible teddy bears and computer guided quilting projects.

Click here to see custom artist made Mohair teddy bears, custom vintage fur teddy bears, and colletable teddy bears made in las vegas, nv.
Click here to see embroidery and custom digitizing done in Las Vegas Nevada.
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I have personally designed the patterns for all of the teddy bears I manufacture for clients. I have many existing patterns and I am always willing to try something new to satisfy your needs. Bears can be customized to signify a special occasion. For example, the bears’ footpads and pawpads can be personalized with embroidered names and dates or other significant information. If you don’t find what you have in mind, allow me to create your dream bear for you. Stitches by Lou Ann offers custom digitizing of your logo, special design, or simply your name for use on all types of embroidered items including shirts, hats, jackets, vests, etc. Digitizing involves turning your artwork (computer file, hand drawn design, scanned image, etc.) into a format that will allow the design to be embroidered on any sewable surface (fabric, leather, mesh, etc.) . I have worked with computerized digitizing of embroidery articles for over 15 years. Stitches by Lou Ann makes use of all types of sewing machines including regular sewing, sergers, and specialized quilting machines. Sewing projects of all types are welcome. Computer guided quilting combines the use of a longarm sewing machine with computerized quilting designs resulting in precisely sewn quilting stitches.